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HodCommerce Online School Shop

is a powerful Unified Commerce (eCommerce) solution, software for digitalizing school shops in an easy way with minimized onboarding effort. Hodcommerce for school makes it effortless to tailor the shop to fit your branding and how you communicate with your customers. Our Unified Commerce solution provides parents with a seamless experience between the online channel and the school.

Branding And Communication

We understand that your branding is important, and our online shop supports the complete design of your e-commerce school shop with your design. This can either be done by your team or our team of experts will assist you. Examples of items that can easily be changed are; your logotype, graphic elements such as menu bars, color scheme, etc.

To build your online school shop of your taste, we offer a number of different templates you can choose among. The design of the templates is based on feedback from our focus groups. You can choose the template that best matches the design of your school shop.

It is easy to promote shop items or remind parents of new gear for the upcoming season. This is possible through our integration with Dynatex

hodcommerce for school a school management software

Increase Revenue

By helping the parents find the right items quickly and easily, it will be easier for them to buy them online directly without having to visit the school shop. Our school shop system is also helping to find relevant items and promote those through our cross-selling feature. The items where you can see increased sales in, could be products that are not top of mind of the parents. These could still be of importance for the students. Some examples are mugs, key rings, notebooks, pens, backpacks, etc.

Other important features to increase the revenue is:

We support promotional campaigns with temporary discounts or bundle deals

Promote products directly in your communication (native integration with Dynatex)


Our e-commerce and Unified Communication solution for school shops is built from the ground up, with the requirements and needs of schools in mind. One important feature is the shop’s user-friendliness.

Our design is easy for parents to use, which makes the purchase journey as smooth as possible. 

Support for secure passwordless logins – parents get an email with a code that they enter in the login page and will access the shop fast and easy

Direct integration with Dynatex app (purchases can be done directly in this app)

Integration with School Management Systems (SIS) to support user authentication from these systems

Separation of parent and student accounts


Activity and Excursion management

Making the process as seamless and efficient as possible. Facilitating a smooth and enjoyable experience for participants.

Product Information Management

Simplifies the process of adding products and ensures accurate product information on an online school shop.

Customized branding

The school can create a recognizable look and feel for an online school shop. This helps reflect the school’s identity and improves the overall shopping experience for students and parents​

Inventory Management

To ensure that the right products are available in the right quantities, minimizing stockouts and overstock situations. This helps optimize costs, improve operational efficiency.​

Payment solutions

HodCommerce helps schools simplify payment processes. We offer a range of payment solutions that are secure and user-friendly.​

Flexible fulfillment

HodCommerce allows parents and students to choose the most convenient and suitable method for receiving orders, such as pick-up at school, home delivery, or delivery to an alternative location.​

Data Privacy

HodCommerce commits to maintaining the confidentiality and security of individuals’ personal information, fostering trust, and complying with applicable data protection regulations.​


To engage your school community and inspire them, create and manage multiple fundraising campaigns with ease through HodCommerce, the online school shop​

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