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Excursion management software for schools

Activity and Excursion Management can be cost-consuming in terms of administrative expenses. Our solution provides a range of essential features for the management of excursions and activities, including online payment and consent management related to those activities. This means that parents can conveniently pay for their child’s participation in an activity or excursion through our school shop, and all necessary consents can be obtained and managed within the platform.

We understand the difficulty of managing excursions and activities for schools. That is why our online school shop solution includes an excursion and activity management feature designed to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible.

Excursion management software for schools email notification

We provide reminder functionality in the school shop and via email to parents who have not paid or provided consent. This helps guarantee all necessary payments and consents are acquired promptly, reducing the chance for delays or complications

Excursion management software for schools limited time

The activities and excursions can be time-bound, so they are only visible in the school shop for a certain period. This makes it easier for schools to manage upcoming events without overloading the store with outdated info

Excursion management software for schools customization

Our activity grouping feature allows schools to group activities by class or other types of group according to their needs. This makes it simpler for parents to find and pay for the activities that are pertinent to their child

Reporting is another key feature that allows schools to quickly identify parents who have provided consent and made payments for their child’s participation in an activity or excursion. This helps schools manage participation, payments, and consent, reducing the need for manual administration and cash handling.

Our excursion and activity management features provide a range of tools that make it easy for schools to manage and administer activities and excursions

Excursion management software for schools reporting
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