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What is HodCommerce for Schools?

HodCommerce for Schools is a platform designed by Markethod, specifically tailored for educational institutions. It enables schools to manage online school shops together with additional features for fundraising, school activities, etc. in an efficient manner.

Is HodCommerce for Schools secure?

Yes, HodCommerce for Schools prioritizes security and data protection. We employ state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to ensure the safety of your institution’s data and transactions.

How much does HodCommerce for Schools cost?

Pricing for HodCommerce for Schools is only based on the transaction volumes which means that the pricing model is without risk for the schools. If the school shop is not used for any reason no charges from Markethod. Please contact us for more information.

Can HodCommerce for Schools be integrated with our existing systems?

Yes, HodCommerce for Schools is designed to be integrated with popular school management systems, learning management systems, and other educational software. Our team can work with you to ensure smooth integration with your existing infrastructure.

How do we get started with HodCommerce for Schools?

To get started, please fill in the contact form and we schedule a meeting where we present our school shop.

How do we know that you will follow our branding guidelines?

We will provide you with a mockup before you take any decision, you can ask us to change the mockup in any way you want.

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