With our fundraising feature in HodCommerce for schools, you can create and manage multiple fundraising campaigns or activities with ease. Whether it’s a seasonal fund drive, a special event, or an ongoing effort to support the local community in your area, our platform provides you with the tools to engage your school community and inspire them to contribute to your fundraising goals.

One of the key benefits of using HodCommerce for schools for your fundraising activities is the flexibility to create both temporary and ongoing campaigns. You can set up time-bound activities with a specific goal and deadline or create an ongoing fundraising option during checkout to support various school initiatives

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Additionally, our platform allows you to customize your fundraising campaigns by adding specific donation amounts or giving options to meet the unique needs of your school community. With reporting and analytics, you can track the progress of your campaigns and make informed decisions to optimize your fundraising efforts.

Our fundraising feature is designed to make it easy for your school to raise funds and support your community’s needs. With HodCommerce for schools, you can streamline your fundraising activities, engage your supporters, and achieve your fundraising goals.

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