Product Information Management
product information management for school

Our Product Information Management (PIM) feature is designed to make it easy to add your products to your online school shop easy and efficiently, it includes a range of features for creating, editing, and managing product information, including descriptions, images, prices, dimension, weight, and other attributes. Our PIM also supports different customizations in terms of size variants which allows schools to provide accurate sizing guides.

We also offer support for grouping products into collections, which allows schools to create product collections. One of the key features of our PIM is the ability to only make products and collections visible to specific users. This is useful for schools that offer products that are only available to certain age groups, classes, or genders. Our PIM supports automatic filtering based on these criteria, ensuring that the right products are visible to the right users. The filtering feature is normally increasing sales as the parents only see the relevant products.

Overall, our Product Information Management feature provides schools with a range of powerful features for managing their school shop products.

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